Terms of use & Privacy

  • This page is dedicated solely to informing people that the creation of the Appimate ID, or registering an account is subject to certain terms of use.
  • When a person creates the Appimate, he/she accept the Terms and Conditions conatined in this page.
  • Appimate acoounts are believed to be held by responsible people, with an aim of enriching to their lives and expressing themselves.
  • Appimate accounts that are found from the descretion of other users and the Appimate privacy and terms of use, to be diplaying offencive content may be subject to a hearing and may result in the account being discontinued.
  • The privacy of a person from other account holders is highly protected and the use of Appimate App to invade such
  • This statement thus means that a user is comfortable about the terms above by using the services.
  • The account of each user has its secure password and Appimate ID, these two pieces of data are stored in the highly strusted Appimate database: - All user specifics in this appilcation are store an subject access by the relavant owner only.

  • This refers to the data and privacy of 'other' people.
  • The private data of the other people in the Appimate community may not be retrived without thier concern. Other people may not view your private data throught their accounts and without your authorization
  • Your data includes all the pieces of information and documents that get to be stored in our databases as a result of your actions.
    Your data gets to be encrypted in our secure databases from our highly trusted security resources.
  • Without a permission from Appimate, no user or any third party may whatsoever commercialize the Appimate educational videos on both offline and online platforms.
  • Appimate is not legally responsible for any form of data uploaded by the users. This including copyrighted files and the use of content.
    People can download, save and use videos from their favourite topics, but are not allowed to redistribute/sell the video to anyone.
  • A person can use the downloaded videos for thier educational interests.
  • It is against Appimate (Pty)Ltd's property rights to redistribute/sell the video content found inside the Appimate software.

    People can download, save and use images from their favourite canvases. This includes different creator.
  • A person can use the downloaded images for thier creative interests like wallpapers and album arts.
  • If one downloads an image and frames it, he/she is required to reference the media in the format given below(1).
  • If one uses the media as an album art, he/she is required to reference the media in the format given below(2).
    1. Appimate | Canvas :: (name of canvas)
      by (the name of creator given in the post)
    2. Album Art from - Appimate | Canvas :: (name of canvas)
      link to the post (optional)
  • Most importanly, the creators have all the rights to require that a downloaded image be retracted when they never agreed to letting thier content be used.
  • The best advice is that before anyone use an image for commercial purposes, please contact in Private Message the person exhibiting on the canvas.
  • Appimate will retract any images exhibiting inappropriate content.
    Copying and reproducing the design, look and feel of the Appimate application is against Appimate's design property rights.

  • The reuse of the HTML, JavaScript & CSS code utilized in this Application is prohibited under any circumstances.
  • A list of properties of the Appimate software that are not allowed to reproduce and or copy is given below.
  • Design
    - The design includes the look, feel and the way the application works. The number of elements that look in a specific way graphically, the orientation, sizes and shape. Lastly, the icons used to denote specific icons particulary the canvas icon.

    - This entails the base color, background, texture and shades of colors used in specific elemets.

    - This includes the operation of the animatios, direction, speed and type.